iOS Enterprise signing certificates
No jailbreak needed. Unlimited installation. Safe and stable.
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All account data at one glance

Private certificate pool, support additon of Apple developer account, easily managed personal account, Able to monitor devices usage in account and one-click account data sync.

Clear and accurate statistic of application installation

Public certificate pool, monitor statistics of application download, downloadable data and statistics, monitor application download status anytime and anywhere.

Simple application signing flow

Client only need to upload the application after successful review and then obtain the signed address. You can update the application anytime and anywhere, making the version update faster and easier. You can also setup different device installation usage according to different applications to better control the installation status of applications.

Perfect UDID usage management

Every installation is recorded in detail. Device model, system version, access time, IP address, and certification are being displayed, which will lead to accurate data.


Login account

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Upload application

Start distribution

Use Case
  • For automated signatures, super signing can assist you in troubleshooting, easily automated signing, one-click distribution, observe usage at anytime, and analyze user data.

  • For outsourcing company with multiple private exclusive application, tester can freely install any application under the same account, update and remind at anytime, and for every end terminal that download different apps, it will only consumes one installation unit.

Q : Is there any fee for logging in an Apple developer account?
A : There is no fee. Logging into an account is completely free.
Q : Do different applications or versions installed on the same device consume the unit number of devices and signatures?
A : There is no unit consumption when using the exclusive private version. No matter how many apps are installed on the same device, or install the same app multiple times, only one device unit and signature is being consumed.
Q : How long does it take to sign?
A : Our signatures are fully automated and can usually be completed in seconds.
Q : Which Apple developer accounts or certificates are supported?
A : Currently we support Apple personal developer account.
Q : Do I need to provide the source code of the application?
A : Source code is not needed, client only need to provide the installation package in ipa format.
Q : What is required to add an account?
A : What is required to add an account?